Problems are many and so are the remedies. We have often seen people wearing Diamond, Topaz, Saphire etc. These stones are worn to rectify or balance planets’ influence. Crystals are the form of semi-precious stones found under and over the earth and are used in curing many aliments including mental disorders and spiritual blockages along with rectifying prevailing negativity in any premises. Crystals are available in many shapes and colors. They are used in enhancing the energy level of the subject and make him/her improve physical, mental and spiritual conditions.

Vastu deals with energy balancing and rectifying any Dosha that may be prevailing in the premises. This can be corrected by placements of certain Crystals which have perfect time tested and quick effect and are a real gifted tools to correct any bad vibrations and Vastu faults which result in all kinds of Financial, Health, Relations, Social and Emotional losses. Reconstructing any building or a part of it causes heavy financial burden and sometimes results in increasing the problems as in that case even good and positive energy is also disturbed. Since 1987, Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain has been using Crystals to balance and enhance energy. Crystals have no negative or ill effects and always work positively for atmosphere and individuals both. Installing Crystals is a cheaper and time tested method to rectify Vastu Dosha.

Crystals are placed in the rooms to balance the energies of five elements namely air, water, fire, space and earth. Different types of crystal are used to balance different energies. Crystals can be used for self-purification and improving concentration during meditation. Crystal Therapy can even help in rectifying the Astrological Planetary Disorders. In the recent past years Crystal Therapy has been widely accepted by the masses as a tool to enhance energy levels. Energy or vibrations oozing out of Crystals and the power of crystal can be felt instantly as one takes crystal in hand and that same energy is responsible for creating a perfect balance of elements according to the directions they are placed in.

Crystals are used to rectify occult problems created by negative forces prevailing in the atmosphere of particular premises. Ajay Jain has a vast experience with Crystal Energies as he is using Crystals for the benefit of all since 1987.

Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain’s Divine Service has a wide range of crystal to help people improve physical atmosphere and removing mental blockages thus by resulting in their spiritual enhancement.

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