Spiritual Healing - Transforming the energy within

Dhyancharya Dr. Ajay Jain during a distant Spiritual Healing session

Many have misunderstood Spiritual Healing as a cure through spirits of the dead. Some practice Spiritual Healing using their self as a channel to pass energy to the subject getting it from Prayers and Chanting of Mantras. Some have mistaken Spiritual Healing as tool to heal the subject by touching the area of pain or disorder in the body. According to the experience and results sought, it is correct to define Spiritual Healing as firstly transforming the energy within the subject. This transformation improves energy level of the body and healing can be done.

If it is found that the subject lacks energy or is totally defused of energy then second method is applied where energy is transmitted to the subject and after attaining a certain level of power and energy, same is transformed to better the subject. Spiritual Healing does not need any prayers or any type of mantra chanting to invoke energy.

A Spiritual Healer is strong and capable enough to transmit the energy by applying method of connection with the subject or otherwise using the cosmic energy that prevails in the subject too. The Aura or the Energy Field also gets improved because of the Energy Transformation. Spiritual Healer works more on mental and spiritual level there by helping subjects remove their mental and emotional blockages and enhancing spiritual growth.

Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain’s Divine Service are widely known and accepted by masses having beneficiaries all over the world through Spiritual Healing.

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