Jati Jagran – To Know The Unknown Of Self

Jati Jagran is a technique used by Lord Mahavira 24th Thirathankar of Jainism. With the help of his eternal knowledge, he could see spiritual journey of a person he had during his previous births and could further understand where the person is heading to. This way Lord Mahavira could know what type of advice that person needed so that he is benefited most. This journey as we could imagine, is not a travel that his physical body did to reach Lord Mahavira but it had a deeper meaning and sense. He used to check his Spiritual Journey and used to see how far a person’s soul has travelled on the path of Self-Realization or knowing the Divinity within.

Lord Mahavira used to suggest according to person’s spiritual growth so that he could be benefitted most and achieve the ultimate in shortest possible time as the soul has very less opportunities. In modern times as we are becoming more and more materialistic, we care more about our physical and mental growth. This is also not wrong but we need not forget our spiritual thirst. Past Life Regression (PLR) has emerged as a tool to clear previous birth’s agonies and blockages that are somehow stationed in our current life also and making our life tough and less enjoyable. This has more to do with physical and mental part.

Today’s Past Life Regression Expert takes a person to his previous lives through suggestive techniques and subject is supposed to check himself or herself the reason of his present life agonies and problems by watching incidents of past lives. This can be and has been challenged by many intellectuals and psychologists as this is not travel of the soul to previous birth(s) but an imagination and story building by the sub conscious mind. However this is gaining popularity and is taken as a fun also. But if we actually follow the technique used by Mahaveera, we can actually look into the past birth(s) of the subject and help him/her achieve desired spiritual level so that one can be enlightened and is able to achieve stage of Salvation.

As an expert of Jati Jagran, Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain has helped many discover their Past Lives and bringing in more confidence and better results in their Present Life.

French Journal by University in Paris published an article on Jati Jagran (Past Life) and Indian Spiritualism and praised Dr. Ajay Jain for being only one who is genuinely practicing and following the same and helping people as well. His photos were also printed in Journal with people in deep meditation in his class.

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