Vastu is practiced as an art of building Houses, Temples, work places and Cities etc. Vastu is being used as a science to get desired results on the principles of cause and effect. In today’s time Vastu has been researched and implied all over by all sections of society as all looking for improvement in all walks of life.

Vastu is based on Energy balancing of five elements with all directions and if Vastu Energy is not correct then many problems emerge and make our life miserable.

Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain has mastered in finding bad vibrations through his Meditational techniques and has rectified the same in thousands of premises. Although he has powers to feel and understand the negative and positive vibrations of any area still to keep pace with modern day technology and uses K2 Metre, Gauge Meter and Dowsing Rods etc. also to check the type of energy prevailing at the place he visits as a Vastu Consultant.

Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain can rightly be called pioneer in Vastu Remedies as he started Vastu Consultations in the year 1985 -1986. Since 1987, after he built a temple in Delhi using Vastu principles, he started using the same to rectify various types of Dosha that may happen in residential, commercial or any other type of premises to provide a trouble free and peaceful life to the occupants. For the last more than 35 years he is known as a social, cultural, spiritual and Vastu adviser to many.  A popular figure among industrialists, residents, film stars, bureaucrats, politicians and celebrities, he has helped many achieve their goals by Vastu remedies and is always available for everyone at anytime.

Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain in a Vastu workshop with Rotarians in New Delhi

Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain is the first one to offer Vastu Consultancy on National Channel during 1987 – 1988. 

Another part of Vastu deals with energy balancing and rectifying any Dosha that may be prevailing in the premises. Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain is correcting  all types of Doshas of premises he visits with a success rate of 100%. Reconstructing any building or a part of it causes heavy financial burden and most of the times results in increasing the problems as in that case even good and positive energy is also disturbed. Dhyanacharya Dr. Ajay Jain uses various traditional and modern methods to rectify Vastu Dosha.

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