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We are very blessed to have you as our guru in our lives. Thank you again.
Sheilja Katyal
Congratulations on your outstanding achievement. I hope you will receive many more honours and recognitions in the time to come. We all are really proud of you. You have lifted the name and fame of your school to a new height. Best wishes for future from all the staff members of Ramjas School No. 2.”
Hemant Kokcha
VP, Ramjas School No. 2
I was able to become thoughtless, which was the main objective. I found the class very useful to understand why focus on one activity at a time is important and how it helps in achieving a clutter free mind. Short breathe is very useful to achieve thoughtlessness.
Atul Gupta
Partially succeeding in becoming thoughtless. Relaxed and enjoyed the session. Breathing experience was very good. Came to know practical meditation. Got good tips regarding negativity and positivity. Good experience, enjoyed a lot.
Savita Gupta
A wonderful human being, Ajay Ji is a master of his art. Besides, being extremely knowledgable he is also very practical. Remedies he suggests are easy to implement with quick results. He is someone who brings so much positivity and hope which manifests itself. One of the most non commercial people I know whose intention is to only bring about happiness, peace and success to his clients. His concepts are different from traditional vaastu and bring in positive energy. After implementation I have started getting positive results and harmony in my life. He is a wonderful human being. He is always available. I have complete faith in his science and would recommend it to everyone who wants a happy home.
Dipikka Rawat
Director, SDPS
Ajay Jain ji has been the guiding force in our professional and personal lives for more than 13 years now. We first met him in 2007 regarding the Vaastu of my house, and since then he takes care of Vastu of our (me and my business partner's) homes and office. There has been a remarkable success we have achieved since following his instructions. He has not only been helpful to us though his knowledge of Vastu, but his spiritual knowledge of keeping our minds focused and calm has also been very beneficial to us. He has helped us to make us better Human Beings. He is always helpful and meets all with a smile. For us he will always be our Spiritual Guru and Guide to help us lead a better life.
Vineet Gupta
ESP Films
We are fortunate to have met Mr. Ajay Jain. He is an accomplished Vastu consultant, his advice and recommendations regarding Vastu changes have always been practical and effective. We have been associated with him for the past three years and used his kind wisdom in all are real estate ventures from Offices to residence. But his biggest quality is that he is a well-wisher of the family and has become a close confidant over the years. We can reach out to him at any time of the day, he is always willing to offer advice/ support with a smile. Thank you Mr. Jain for being our associate and friend.
Puja Soni Murthy
IT Professional
Very soothing experience. I had a very bad headache this morning, but after relaxing and meditating in the room scented with good fragrances, I feel much better. I wish I had better understood Mr. Jain’s words, but his voice had a very relieving effect. The magic drinking before the class (herbal tea) is the best preparation and contribute to the stress-relieving. People participating to the class were also very nice. It was a quiet moment, I think it’s good to begin a day. I have enjoyed.
Racie Catherin Gerget
Seeker, Paris, France
Mr. Ajay Jain has done miracle for me. I was in India and very much disturbed. One of my colleagues referred his name to me. He recommended 10 sessions of Spiritual Healing but I could complete 6 only as I had to leave for my country Nigeria. After reaching Nigeria, I found that the results I was longing for were achieved within no time. I am always grateful to my Spiritual Master Mr. Ajay Jain. I found him always busy solving problems and helping all with his magical powers.
A Nice experience. Definitely will make a balance personality. Sakshi Bhaav has taken to the heaven. Each class is giving a new learning experience. Today, by the end of the class it was difficult to come back initially. It’s really relaxing. I must appreciate Mr. Jain’s observation regarding my low body energy. The pyramids experience was excellent. Going through the music was a very nice experience. Journey of meditation has taken away from this materialistic world and was bit difficult to come out from this journey. I would like to go deep into Silence as was discussed in the class. Overall the workshop is excellent and very much helpful.
Nupur Nagar
I sat with a clear mind but came out with a clearer mind. I can’t recall the last time I felt so light headed.
It was a divine experience.
Tarush Jain
IT Professional
I wanted to meditate since long and I got success. Very relaxing. Meditation was easy with breathing exercise. Murm - I felt, very nice.
Neelam Agarwal
I am really relaxed. Cap part was good. This is for the first time I am doing meditation but I am really enjoying. Very nice feeling.
Geetanjali Garg
Experience was good enough. It was my first spiritual class. The cap made me relaxed. And I feel that I am more easy and relaxed.
Kamlesh Therani
Meditation session was quite inspiring and has helped me in knowing what is lacking in me and what I have to do in overcoming my obstacles. From Sakshi Bhav meditation I came to know about how to control the thoughts from coming into our mind. I will try to stop those thoughts which bring imbalance in my mind. I will now think positively and will not stress myself. Sakshi Bhav helped me to understand the importance of “NO Thoughts”. The classes are really fruitful to me. I came to know about un conscious mind. I came to know about bringing rhythm in our life, how to balance life and our thoughts in synchronization with mind, body and soul. I find Breathing Exercise as the most effective concentration exercise. Now I understand that taking positive energy is the best way to be positive in our lives.
Amitabh Koshti
I am feeling really well and sir has told me so many things that how to work and how to focus on my tasks so that I can perform better. I hope by using all these things I will be more focused. My mind seems fresher. I was feeling a big gap between two thoughts and the feeling was very nice. Actually I am speechless after every session and want to enjoy that feeling and experience.
Shakti Singh Malik
IT Professional
The first class was a good introduction to the practice. I realized that in some places I lack concentration and the mind tends to get lost. Relaxing Experience. Sakshi Bhav made me observe my thoughts and relaxed my mind in a way that within 15 minutes of meditation I even fell asleep for a few seconds. State of “no thought” is blissful.
Saumya Nagar
Fashion Designer
We are very blessed to have you as our guru in our lives. Thank you again.
Sheilja Katyal
Going through nice experience. Learned to control mind and thoughts. I understand now to respect others. I have learned how to focus. I am feeling better as my concentration has improved. I felt really like “(can’t be defined). It is a true journey within.
Rudraksh Gupta
Got a new experience with short and long breathing. Feeling new excellent experience during receiving energy from outer source. Extraordinary experience, not explainable. Quantity of negative thoughts is very less now.
I am a changed person.
Ashok Srivastava
Retired Official
Feeling relaxed and burden free. Short breathing was nice. Murm place was new and felt activated. Music was enjoyable, felt connected to positive energy. Seems that all negativity is gone and a feeling of joy has emerged. It was a great experience and feeling.
Jyoti Agarwal
Initially I was not comfortable. After wearing cap I was thinking that it won’t be helpful to me. But I was surprised that after sometime I found that I had taken 3-4 naps in that span of 5 minutes. Waiting for another day to get the new experience. I am more relaxed. An excellent experience. We have learned a lot. Music was undoubtedly excellent. It was miraculous.
Namita Therani
At the time of rhythm I felt I could see with closed eyes. Learned something nice about breathing exercises. Experienced mind and body relaxation. My mind was calm the whole day yesterday after the class. It was a new experience and I enjoyed your class.
Felt some changes. Feeling positive energy. Got awareness how to control thoughts and bring out and clear negative thoughts. Further controlling the breathe and meditation practice making me feel better. The music awakened our inner sources and make me feel better.
Raminder Garg
It was a quiet good experience. I would like to continue because I want to know more about Meditation. I would like to get rid of all the negative energy which I am carrying with me. I am feeling much confident after attending curtain raiser class only.
Lata Namdev
Rotary Club
I feel very relaxed and calm. I understood everything and did nicely. Its Anand Hee Anand.
Nutan Agrawal
Congratulations. This is a great honour. Such recognitions confirm that what ever you are doing is right and pious. It gives lot of strength to move on and touch more and more lives by healing their mind body and soul.

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